About Us

At Farm Candy, we believe that everyday life should be full of beautiful and delicious yet simple pleasures.  Nowhere is that more evident than at our dining table - we are passionate about inspired eating.  Balancing the wholesome simplicity of farm-quality ingredients with a touch of urban sophistication, we make small-batch handcrafted artisanal products that allow even the busiest person or inexperienced cook to transform simple dishes into something extraordinary.  
The Birth of Farm Candy
I'm Pam Stone, founder of Farm Candy. As a formerly stressed-out political consultant who was raised in one of those big, crazy Italian-American families (need I say more?), I naturally retreated to the kitchen to unwind.  Unruly by nature,  I began mixing unexpected combinations of ingredients and flavors.  My unique concoctions quickly became the rave of family and friends who begged me to make them whatever it was that I was using in my dishes that made them taste so good.  With that (and a little too much tequila), Farm Candy was born.
What Exactly is Farm Candy?
Farm Candy is a Lifestyle Brand.  I like to tell people -  I’m just like those two fabulous guys who left their big city jobs, bought a goat farm, have their own TV show and sell luxury home goods and gourmet products.  Well, except that I’m not a guy... and I don’t have goats.  I don’t have a TV show either.   But I do have a dog - Maxine Stone.  And I can be fabulous on occasion, despite what the smart asses I call my friends say!
Our Mission
Our mission is simple, we hope by elevating everyday pantry items we will inspire you to share with your own family and friends the same love and passion we infuse in every batch of Farm Candy and Hampton Pantry by Farm Candy.  Using only the finest and freshest ingredients, we produce the most delicious, stylish, creative, hand-crafted small batch artisanal pantry provisions.  It is our goal that be it by sharing a piece of our chocolate with a friend; adding a dash of one of our flower and spice infused salts to your family dinner; sprinkling some of our fruit and herbed sugar to your morning yogurt; sipping a glass of wine over some of our dips and spreads with a neighbor; drizzling your salad with one of our award winning organic olive oils and vinegars or just gifting our products to someone special will inspire you to share and embrace the simple pleasures of daily life.
Welcome to Our Community
Maxine and I welcome you to Farm Candy and our community of family, friends, customers and food lovers. We are so glad you stopped by for a visit.  I truly hope you enjoy our products as much as I enjoy creating and sharing them.  We look forward to helping you create your own inspired dishes, and we'd love to hear about them.  Life's too short to eat uninspiring food!

Pam and her faithful companion, Maxine Stone (better than a goat!)